Çoinbase Wallet

Is using Coinbase wallet free?

Downloading and using most of the crypto wallets is completely free and the same is the case with Coinbase wallet.
Yes, you read that right…You can download the wallet software at no cost and most importantly, it is very easy for users to gain access to all the included features among which most of them are completely free.
In addition to that, you can also store your crypto funds free of cost.

How to download Coinbase Wallet Firefox?

In order to get yourself a Coinbase wallet, there are only two possible ways. One way is to get the wallet extension downloaded and added to the Chrome Web browser. Another way to get the wallet is by installing the wallet app on your device.
And this simply means that you cannot use Coinbase wallet on the Firefox browser. If you wish to know when you will be able to use the Coinbase extension on browsers other than Chrome, then you can connect to the Coinbase wallet support team. You can also contact them for resolving any wallet-related query.


And that's where our discussion on Coinbase wallet and its related aspects comes to an end. Before I close this topic, I would like to give you a piece of advice that would help you in the long run and help you avoid any loss of crypto funds. Yes, you guessed that right...do not share your secret recovery phrase with anyone including the Coinbase wallet representative.
Always keep these critical details away from the prying eyes so that your funds do go into the wrong hands. And make sure you create several backups of the seed phrase. So, if any of the words of the phrase gets lost, you will be able to recover your wallet, no matter what.
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